Friday, February 04, 2011

FYBO - Saturday 2/5/2011

Tomorrow is the annual FYBO contest, sponsored by the Arizona ScQRPions, who in all probability, will not be freezing their buns off at all.

But the rest of us might!

The forecast for the immediate W2LJ area and environs is wet and cold.  A Winter Weather advisory has been issued, as a high of only 38F (3C)  is predicted with a wintry mix starting early tomorrow morning as snow around 1:00 AM, changing to sleet, freezing rain, then rain, then freezing rain again, and finally ending as snow sometime around 10:00 PM Saturday night.

The odds of W2LJ going outside to operate are VERY slight.  The backyard is a sheet of ice and I really don't care to risk much valued equipment or life and limb (got my priorities straight, right?) on the glazed over snow.  I don't know .... somehow envisioning my painstakingly built K1 or PFR3A covered with freezing rain, sleet and snow just doesn't send thrills running up and down my spine.  If it was going to be sunny and dry, I'd consider it,  but when you step on the snow and it sounds like glass breaking, you know it's not particularly Ham friendly outside.  So I'll probably just sit in the basement for a bit and will hand out points.  I'd be willing to be that my basement temperature will be colder than some outdoor temps in Arizona, California or Florida!

For the rules, you can go to the Arizona ScQRPions Website - here.

Who knows?  Maybe between now and then, I'll get a hankering for a bad case of pneumonia and you'll get an exchange from me something like:   559 NJ Larry 5W 28F

But then again, maybe not!

SERIOUSLY, though (all humor aside)........ as the rules state, this is supposed to be a fun contest and not an episode of the Discovery Channel's "Survivor Man".  Please use your noggin and common sense and avoid frostbite, hypothermia and other cold related injuries!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. I agree Larry the basement does sound like the most viable options for sure.