Thursday, May 26, 2011

6W/RK4FG in the log

I've worked Senegal before - both QRO and QRP.  But when I hear an African nation on the bands, and very loud to boot, I just can't resist!  I don't hear very many all that often and I don't have many QSOs with many African nations.  It's always a treat to work them. This time the HF9V got me through on 20 Meters.  The pileup was not fierce by any means - just a long line of stations to work.  I got through about 15 minutes or so after I started trying.

There's lots of DX to be heard on the bands even with less than stellar band conditions.  This coming weekend is the CQ WW Prefix Contest.  I am tempted to get on the air for a bit using NJ2SP, which is the call for the South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club, for which I am trustee.

Hank N8XX has informed me that there were no NJ2 prefixes worked in the contest last year; so maybe even with QRP power I might command a pileup?  It might be fun!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Looking at it shows no NJ2 prefixes so it certainly wouldn't hurt to use it. Good luck!

    I'll be on and off in the contest over the weekend. Hamfest on Sat, BBQs, etc.

  2. Cool contact...never worked one.
    Canary Islands a couple of times tho...

    The bands are definitely picking up!

  3. Hi Larry, Africa is always nice to work, the only country I hear daily is South Africa. But all the others are rare. Well done, 73 paul

  4. Very good contact Larry I find Africa most of the times during the big contests and am able to get in during those times. It really helps when it is during a contest as they have listening ears for all stations both weak and strong.