Sunday, May 29, 2011

Contentious Discussion Alert

An interesting discussion is in its infancy on QRP-L.  Suggested  this afternoon - should FDIM be moved and rotated about the country, as the ARRL National Convention is?

This is a fascinating idea. The idea is that Hams who might not be able to make it to Dayton might have a chance at attending something closer to home, were it moved there.  Hey, if FDIM ever came to the greater NYC Metropolitan area, I'd be the first to book a room!  The idea has its merits, making the process of attending easier for some who could not normally make it.

However, in reality, I doubt this would ever come to pass for several very valid and realistic reasons.

1) The FDIM folks have built up a really nice working relationship with the Holiday Inn at Fairborn, where the event is held.  It is my understanding that because of the repeat business, a better deal is struck that keeps attendance fees at a reasonable price for those who can make it.

2) Dayton Hamvention - The premier hamfest in the USA.  FDIM coincides and the two have become somewhat ........ maybe symbiotic would be the best term?  There is a "connection" between the two that cannot easily be broken.

3) And this goes back to Point #1 .... having it at the same place every year not only has economic benefits; but logistical benefits as well.  It's just easier to plan when you know a year ahead of time where and when you are going to hold an event of such magnitude.

4) There already exist regional "conventions" i.e Lobstercon, Ozarkcon, Pacificon, etc. that fill this void.  Sadly, Altanticon has gone by the wayside.  But these do an excellent job of bringing together QRP'ers who can't make it to Dayton each year.

While my heart would love to see FDIM move around and make it easier for all to get a chance to attend (myself included) my head knows that it's already at the best place it could probably be.  As my kids get older; the chances that I can attend get better and better with each successive year.  Definitely not this year, of course, as I wasn't there - but maybe next year, or an even better chance the year after that.  My only hope and prayer is that FDIM is still going on when I finally do get the chance to attend.

Hope to get a chance to meet many of you face to face next year - God be willing!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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