Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I don't think so

In my e-mail box was a special announcement from Elecraft. Today they announced they were taking orders for the KXPA100 amplifier for the KX3, and the KXAT100, the auto tuner for the amp.

The amp is $700 and the tuner is another $300.

At this point, I don't think these are in the cards for me, for a couple of reasons.

1) Price - I just don't have an extra thousand bucks laying around. Of course, I could always part ways with something, like my K3, but I'm not too crazy with that idea.  I bought it soon after my Mom passed, so it holds a lot of sentimental value.

2) Practicality - I like the idea of having two rigs. My K3 and my KX3 are mutual backups. If something were to happen to one, I still have the other. If I were to sell the K3 in order purchase the KXPA100 and the KXAT100, I would no longer have a backup. I also like having a main station rig and a dedicated portable rig.

3) Personal - I need to be happy with what I have and not always be on the lookout for "more". I am very fortunate to have what I already own, and while it may be less than some, it's still a lot more than even others. I need to enjoy what I have and get off the "consumer hamster wheel" of always wanting more.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. In like the comment about the "consumer hamster wheel".

    I love the radio hobby too but also like to do other things; like traveling. I can't do both on a retirement salary. hihi

    Marketing and advertising makes us all miserable these days. Sometimes we think we just can't live without the latest toy.

  2. Sam/K0YAK2:17 AM

    Not purchasing the amp seems like the right decision in your case. As for me, I've ordered it already. Because of my living and work situation, I don't have a place for a base station -- all of my operating locations are, if not true /P, at least temporary.

    The KX3 has a been an ideal radio for me, and although I enjoy low power and QRP operating, I'll probably stick to QRP in the field and use the 100W amp when in a more fixed location. As for the consumerism/"more" aspect, agreed 100%. The amp completes my station and if I need anything further, like a truly tiny QRP rig for extended hiking trips, I'll build it myself.

  3. Good morning Larry, I am very soon putting my K2 up on the auction block. It has been sitting around on the desk for some time now. With the K3 and KX3 the K2 is seeing "0" action. So it's time to move it out of the shack. I did build it and funny thing it does hold a special place in the shack. As for the KX3 amp and tuner it's not going to be in my cards at all. I kept the K2 for the reason it was 100w's but never used it always QRP. When the K2 is sold and gone will have some ham bucks that will be sitting for a while.

  4. Larry,

    I agree wholeheartedly, I too am exiting the hamster wheel. I just sold a fairly new TS-590S to a new ham (who was very excited to get it.) Having built 3 K2s since they were introduced, I sold my last one 3 years ago and started regretting the decision almost immediately. I was going to take the proceeds from the 590 sale and buy another kit (at a considerable premium from the last time I purchased one.) Luckily, Guy N7UN, has a very well cared for K2 on offer that I will be taking delivery on next week. I figure that I since have demonstrated the skills to build a K2, there is no pressing need to do so again. The fact that I have an opportunity to acquire a rig with an interesting history is a bonus. Between the K2, an Icom 706 that I inherited from my late father (concur on sentimental values) and an FT-817 field radio that I'm perfectly happy with, my ham radio needs appear to be met. However, getting over "Oooohh, shiney!" disease requires a bit of mental discipline. Good luck to you sir!

    73 de John K2ZA

  5. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I too need to get off the hampster wheel, Larry. Since 1994 I've owned around 30 hf rigs (a couple more than once). I've fallen victim to the "I want it all and want it now!" mind set. Hurts when reality hits. :-)

    Jim, W8LGZ