Friday, June 21, 2013

Today was a GOOD lunchtime QRP session.

The good news is that I am comfortable enough at the new job, where now I don't mind heading out to the car to conduct lunchtime QRP sessions. You always kind of wonder at a new place .... what will they say, you know ....... about that guy that sticks the antenna on his car roof and starts doing something with a small radio ..... is he a spy?  A drug dealer?  Some kind of foreign agent?  As it turns out, the parking lot is HUGE and nobody pays me any mind.

The past few days, I was getting skunked. No contacts, and in fact I wasn't even hearing much of anything. And silly me, the last thing I think is "dead bands" - nope, the first thing I think is "Crud!  What did I do to the rig?"  "Did I mess up the antenna?"  Stuff like that - the first thing I think is that it was me,  I screwed something up!

But today ....... today allayed all my concerns.  Today, 17 Meters during lunchtime was almost magical.  In short order I worked Milan OK1KW in Praha in the Czech Republic.  Milan was calling "CQ FISTS" and I answered and we ended up having a very pleasant QSO.  Milan was 589 in NJ and I received a 549 in return.

After ending the QSO with Milan, I heard Frank OV1CDX calling "CQ DX".  I figured to myself, "Hey, I just worked the Czech Republic, so why not Denmark?"  I put my call out  a few times and Frank answered. He was a good strong 599 in NJ and I earned a 559 in return.  Cool - the band was hot!

So now the decision comes about ..... "I have 15 minutes left. Do I tear down and head back in, or do I try for one more?" No contest! Try for one more, as the signals were abundant.  And I did, and I made it!

This time I worked Serge R6YY.  This was the tough one of my session, as I had to send my information to Serge several times.  Thanks to his fantastic ears, we were able to complete the QSO.  Serge was only 579 here in NJ, and I was only 439 in return.  A tough one, but we did it!

Not bad for 5 Watts to a Buddistick mounted on a magmount plunked on the roof of my Jeep, eh?

Next time someone tells you that QRP is a waste of time and that "You'll never work anyone with only 5 Watts", just smile right at them, chuckle to yourself and just walk away.  You'll walk away, and they'll be left standing there, thinking to themselves, "What does he know that I don't?"

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. Hello Larry,

    I've had the same thoughts about the bands lately. I had the same fears about the radio too. DX here in WV has been almost non-existent for the last week. (yes my daily DX run has come to an ending). Hihi

    Glad to hear you're making contacts again, especially with the Czech Republic and Denmark. Both those guys are super ops. I work OK1KW a lot on the "Fists" frequencies. He's a great guy.