Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I guess it is working!

My mag mount, I mean.  After working on it on Sunday, I gave it the shakedown cruise yesterday and today at lunchtime. Unfortunately, the bands seemed to be in less than stellar condition - thanks Ol' Sol!  But yesterday netted me a contact with XE1XR, David in Mexico and KG9HV, John in Indiana.

Today, I heard even less on the bands. After perusing 15 and 17 Meters and not hearing much of anything, I decided to go to 20 Meters to see if I could hear any SOTA stations. Pfft!  Nada in New Jersey. So then I made the decision to call CQ.

I was answered by Burke N0HYD, who hails from Wichita, KS.  Turns out that he's a reader of this blog and has started blogging himself.  I have added his blog to the blogroll. His blog is entitled "N0HYD - QRP & Portable Exploits".  Sounds like Burke is a man after my own heart!  Burke describes himself as a "QRP Addict". How could I not add the blog to the blogroll when a guy describes himself like that? Anyway, it was a great but all too short QSO.  I hope we have the chance to hook up again, soon.  It was not only a 2X QRP QSO, but also a 2X KX3 QSO - thanks for the QSO, Burke, Oh, and by the way, your rig sounded superb!

I have also done a little bit of blogroll maintenance tonight.  Any blogs that haven't been updated within the last 12 months have been moved to the "Gone but not forgotten" area.  That includes Chas, W5PG's blog.  Gosh, it's just a little over a year now that Chas became a silent key.  He was a good blogger friend, and even though he's gone, I just can't bring myself to delete his blog - so as long as it's on the Web, the link will remain.

Just a reminder - this Sunday is the Skeeter hunt!  Don't wait until the last second to get your Skeeter number.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Thanks for the nice QSO Larry and for adding me to your links.

    I hope to work you again as well, but this time have a bit more conversation!

  2. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Good work Burke and a few comments for Larry:

    Larry, your blog ranks among the best for QRP-related operation and your discussion of commercially prepared or kitted homebrew gear. I enjoy the look and spacing of your various blog offerings as well as appreciate your love of our faith.

    I am worried that pretty soon there will be more bloggers than readers and hope you will continue to keep your blog roll on course. QRP of course.

    My wife tells me I waste enough time in this hobby and I don't want to be entertained, rather just informed in the QRP specific niche by blogs.

    God bless and thanks

    The CW King of my driveway (at least in my wife's eyes).