Thursday, August 08, 2013

Skeeter Hunt DX

According to the "official" Skeeter Hunt rules, working any DX station during the hunt is worth 3 QSO points. This year, like last year, the Worked All Europe coincides with the Skeeter Hunt. So working DX is definitely possible. In fact, just going from memory (not consulting my log as I write this) I know that last year I worked at least one European station, and it might have been two.

This year, we have an Amateur Radio op from South Africa who has requested and received a Skeeter number. Eddie ZS6BNE is Skeeter #114. Even though the Hunt occurs in his local evening time, he is going to go out, set up and try to make contact with as many of us as he can.

To recognize his special effort, anyone who makes contact with Eddie can count that QSO for 4 points, instead of the traditional 3 points for normal DX QSOs (The rules have been amended to reflect this) Please make sure to listen for him at or near the QRP Watering Holes on 20 and 15 Meters. If propagation is with us, those bands will probably provide your best shot.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Greg N4KGL, who talked up the Skeeter Hunt with the RApid Deployment Amateur Radio group (RADAR). It was via Greg's post that Eddie found out about the Skeeter Hunt.  Also, a tip 'o the call sign cap to Pickett AD4S, who talked up the Skeeter Hunt on the NOGAQRP reflector.

A special "thank you" to anyone who has talked up the event and spread the word via e-mail, word-of-mouth, smoke signals or whatever means. Your help is appreciated more than you will ever know!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Good morning Larry, on the subject of the Skeeter hunt.....just some questions.
    1. I purchased the KX3 as a kit and was wondering if it is considered a kit radio for the contest?
    2. The province abbreviation here in Ontario has been broken down from ON to ONS, GTA, ONN and ONE. I found in the NAQP when I sent ONS thee was at times confusion at the other end. Did you want the old ON sent or the new area's? I know some contests are still ok with ON.

  2. Good morning, Mike!

    For the purposes of the Skeeter Hunt, as long as you put the KX3 together, it counts.

    ON is fine as your abbreviation.

    See you Sunday!

    Larry W2LJ

  3. Ok Thanks Larry and all the best in the contest.