Monday, August 07, 2017

Multiplying like rabbits!

It seems like there's never been the bonanza of QRP radios available like there are today. What follows is not an accurate timeline, just impressions upon my memory. For years, you had the Ten Tecs and the Heathkits, the SGC and QRP Index radios and various homebrew rigs. Then came the Sierra's and the Small Wonder Labs offerings and then Elecraft burst onto the scene.

IMHO, ever since Elecraft, it seems like there's been a non-stop parade of introductions of commercially available QRP radios. And this is a good thing.  More people are tossing there hats into the ring, and the offerings are becoming numerous. Competition is a good thing and the various models are a benefit; as no one radio will fit everyone's taste, style or operating habits.

This is the latest one I've come across, offered by Appello-funk out of Germany - the Aerial-51 SKY-SDR

Here are the specs according to their Website:

This 11-band All-Mode QRP transceiver is manufactured in Europe and combines SDR / DSP "Direct Conversion" technology with ease of use.

The device does not require a computer to operate, has almost all the characteristics of a "large" SDR transceiver and is thus particularly suitable for demanding QRP  and portable radio operators. The future-oriented RX is equipped with all common DSP functions, eg user-definable (extremely steep) filters,  noise reduction (NR), noise blanker (NB), adjustable AGC, and audio equalizer.

The built-in BANDSCOPE shows 24 Khz above and below the QRG and also works with TX.
An outstanding feature is the "differential ADC" or "differential DSP"  It provides very low noise on reception, which is particularly noticeable on the lower bands 160-40m.

The SKY-SDR transceiver is also characterized by a clean TX.  It comes with hand-held microphone, voice processor, audio equalizer, VOX, SWR & Power Meter, built-in keyer (A / B mode) and dual-mode CW (CW / CW reverse).  AM, FM and DIGI modes are also supported.  The device has a USB CAT port (with FTDI), LINE IN / OUT for DIGI Modes, and an I / Q output for computer monitoring.

Perhaps the only QRP radio with built-in band scope.

This and other unique features make it the most interesting QRP radio in the world.

Aerial-51 "SKY-SDR" 350 mA / 310 mA without illumination
TX Power Consumption : 1 to 2A
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 147x60x107mm (without buttons)
Weight: 580g

Frequencies / Bands 1.8 MHz to 54.0MHz 160, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, & 6m Bands
Modes AM, CW, DIGI, FM, LSB, USB CAT: USB2 (FTDI Chip) Digital Modes JST, PSK, RTTY, SSTV, etc.
LINE IN / OUT 3.5mm Jack
Output Power 5 Watts (typical) (foldback protection for high SWR)
Antenna 50 Ohms (nominal) BNC Connection
Voltage requirements 10.5vdc (min) to 15vdc (max)
Fuse : 3.15A, 250V, Slow Blow
Current Drain RX: 350mA; TX:

First impressions - it seems to be almost an exact copy of the LNR LD-11 radio. The specifications and similarities are strikingly similar, in many areas. However, the LD-11 claims to output as much as 8 Watts, while the Aerial-51 claims to output 5 Watts, max. Despite the difference in output claims, I'm wondering if they're the same radio in slightly different housings.

The Aerial-51 is priced at 739 Euros, which translates to $871 US.  The LD-11 from LNR is priced at $790, but seems to be out of stock at the moment.

The other thing which caught my eye was the statement, "Perhaps the only QRP radio with built-in band scope." My mind immediately went to the mcHF radio, which has a nice, full color waterfall display.  Perhaps, "one of the few QRP radios with a built-in band scope" would have been more accurate.

Like I said, so many rigs to choose from - we QRPers have never had it so good!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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