Thursday, July 11, 2019

Some Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Special Event Stations

Courtesy of the ARRL:

07/01/2019 | Eagle Has Landed
Jul 1-Jul 28, 0900Z-2359Z, GB5EHL, Leiester, ENGLAND. Leicester Radio Society. 14.250; 160 to 10, 4, 6, and 2 meters; 70 cm, on all popular modes. QSL. Mr. M. Harriman, 70 Station Rd., Thurnby, Leicester LE79PU, ENGLAND.

07/06/2019 | PA11APOLLO - Remembering Apollo 11 mission 1969
Jul 6 - Aug 2 Standard HF bands - See QRZ page for details

07/08/2019 | 50th Anniversary of First Moon Landing
Jul 8-Jul 24, 0000Z-2259Z, N8A, West Chester, OH. Midwest VHF/UHF Society. 10368.100. Certificate. Tom Holmes, N8ZM, 1055 Wilderness Bluff, Tipp City, OH 45371-9221. Plan to work 10 GHz EME when moon at best position for good DX. Contact for schedules and exact frequency.

07/14/2019 | 50 Years - First Man on the Moon
Jul 14-Jul 28, 1700Z-2000Z, N1A, Milford, OH. Milford Amateur Radio Club. SSB: 28.350 14.260 7.240 3.840; CW: 14.045, 7.045, 3.545; FT8 standard frequencies. QSL. Milford Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 100, Milford, OH 45150-0100. Email for QSL requests.

07/16/2019 | Apollo 11 , The 50th Anniversary
Jul 16-Jul 24, 1332Z-1650Z, K2CAM, Garden City, NY. Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club. 15.340 14.240 7.240 3.840. Certificate & QSL. LIMARC, P.O. Box 392, Levittown, NY 11756. K2CAM is the callsign of the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island, NY. Long Island is considered the birth place of aviation in America. Grumman Aerospace was the primary contractor for the LEM, Lunar Excursion Module. QSL card please end SASE. Certificate, please enclose $3.00 for mailing. Info available for K2CAM on
07/16/2019 | Apollo 11 50th anniversary

07/16/2019 | Apollo 11 50th anniversary
Jul 16-Jul 25, 1400Z-0000Z, N4A, Huntsville, AL. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center ARC. 14.273. QSL. MSFC Amateur Radio Club, NASA/MSFC c/o Don Hediger, ES35, Huntsville, AL 35812. Various bands and modes will be used. Check spotting cluster or @NASARadioClubs for details. Numerous other NASA radio clubs will be on the air during this period. SASE is required for QSL card.

07/18/2019 | W3A Apollo 11-50th Anniversary-Live TV from the Moon
Jul 18-Jul 23, 1300Z-2200Z, W3A, Baltimore, MD. The Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum (K3NEM). 14.250 14.050 7.250 7.050. Certificate & QSL. W3A-Apollo, PO Box 1693, MS 4015, Baltimore, MD 21203. Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum (ARCNEM) will operate W3A to commemorate the live television transmission of the first moonwalk using a camera designed and built by Westinghouse. While the flight camera remained on the moon, a duplicate unit manufactured at the same time is on display at the National Electronics Museum where W3A operations will take place. Primary operation will be July 19-July 21 with additional operation possible during the July 18-23 period as operator availability permits. Operation on 80M (3.550, 3.850) and digital modes possible during event. Frequencies +/- according to QRM. QSL and Certificate available via SASE; details at

07/18/2019 | Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary
Jul 18-Jul 21, 2300Z-2300Z, N5A, Springdale, AR. Razorback Contest Club. 14.250 14.040 7.200 7.040. QSL. Razorback Contest Club, 3407 Diana St., Springdale, AR 72764.

07/16/2019 | K2M, Honoring the Men and Women that built the LEM on Long Island 50 years ago.
Jul 16-Jul 24, 0900Z-2359Z, K2M, Babylon, NY. Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club. 14.321. Certificate. GSBARC - K2M, PO BOX 1356, West Babylon, NY 11704-0356.

07/19/2019 | Apollo Moon Landing 50th Anniversary at Space & Rocket Center
Jul 19-Jul 21, 2000Z-2000Z, W4A, Huntsville, AL. Huntsville Amateur Radio Club HARC. 14.290 7.225 7.044 3.945; SSB CW FT8. QSL. M.D. Smith, WA4DXP, 307 Clinton Ave. W,, Suite 100, Huntsville, AL 35801. No overnight. Celebrating Man's first steps on the moon 50 years ago. SASE for QSL.

07/20/2019 | 50th Anniversary of the 1st Manned Moon Landing
Jul 20-Jul 28, 1300Z-2359Z, K1M, Ansonia, CT. Stratford Amateur Radio Club, Inc.. 14.275 7.225 3.825. QSL. K1M , 32 Benz Street, Ansonia, CT 06401.

07/20/2019 | Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Jul 20, 1400Z-2000Z, K8QYL, Wapakoneta, OH. Reservoir Amateur Radio Association. 14.250 7.250. QSL. Rich Spencer, W8GZ, 05925 Vogel Rd., Saint Marys, OH 45885. From the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum

07/20/2019 | Man on the Moon First Communication to Earth – 50 Years
Jul 20-Jul 21, 1300Z-1700Z, K9MOT, Schaumburg, IL. Motorola Amateur Radio Club. SSB within 10KHz: 3.83, 7.23, 14.245, 21.435, 28.465; CW 3.543, 7.043, 14.0. Certificate. MOTOROLA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, PO Box 59701, Schaumburg, IL 60159. To commemorate Motorola’s contribution to the Apollo program and lunar communication.

07/20/2019 | SEMARC celebrates the 50th anniversary of the US manned Moon Landing
Jul 20-Jul 22, 1300Z-2300Z, N0M, Saint Paul, MN. South East Metro Amateur Radio Club. 18.075 14.040 7.260 7.040. QSL. B. F. McInerney, 2523 Cochrane Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55125. Special QSL with SASE

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