Friday, January 04, 2008

At least I gave it a shot.

Do I get an "A" for effort? I dutifully went down to the basement tonight, in the attempt to get a QSO in the books for the fifth night in a row.

However, the bands stunk! I heard very few loud signals to speak of on either 40 or 80 Meters. I called CQ on 80 for what must have been over a combined 30 minutes .... nada! I even tried answering the CQs of K2A/4, the SKCC special event station in the 4th Call district, with no success. He was weak, I must have been VERY weak back to him; as all I got as a response was "QRZ?".

So much for "QSO a Day". I'm a bit tired tonight and didn't feel like sitting in the basement for hours trying to get a QSO going. I did that gig in 2005 when I did make a QSO every day for the entire year. At times, it got to be tiring, nerve wracking; and generally no fun. Better to relax and enjoy this hobby than get overwrought about imagined commitments and artificial deadlines. Goals are nice; but you can't let them become obsessions. Especially hobby goals!

Maybe I'll get a few minutes during the afternoon tomorrow to try and still get a Q in for January 5. In between taking down Christmas decorations, that is!

I'm going to catch some shut-eye. Tomorrow looks to be a busy day!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. I shoot for at least one contact a month. Sometimes even that gets difficult.