Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Got it done

I managed to get my QSO in for the day. I'm definitely not promising to make one a day for the entire year; but I will try to make more days than not.

Tonight's QSO was with Jim KCØJKD from Stover, MO. Our QSO was basically just an exchange of FISTS information as Jim was struggling to hear me. He gave me a 449 and I gave him a 579. The 579 was at peaks though, as the QSB was deep and slow. But a QSO is a QSO and it counts!

I was surprised by the lack of strong signals on 80 Meters tonight. Usually this time of the year, 80 Meters is my best band. Who knows, maybe all the RF was freezing and falling out of the aether! It's absolutely brutal outside and the entire house feels chilly as a result. The fire has died in the fireplace; and since it's close to bedtime; I'm not going to add any more logs for the evening. The embers are still glowing and I probably won't close the flue for another couple of hours, otherwise the fumes will have nowhere to go except inside the house - only to fill the house with a burning wood smell. If that happens my wife will just be so pleased with me - I just can't tell you how much!

I'll tell you one thing - give me hot, sticky, muggy Summer weather anytime. This Winter weather is for the birds as far as I'm concerned!

I see where Log-EQF has been updated to version 1.92. The version I am currently using is 1.89. I think I'll download that and install it and then hit the hay. 6:30 AM comes quickly.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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