Saturday, January 05, 2008

Small victories

Small victories are some of the sweetest. Today, while between trips of running up and down into the basement to put Christmas decorations away, I flipped on the K2 and heard KN4Y/M real loud on 20 Meters. He was probably part of the County Hunters Net as he kept advertising that he was in Broward County, FL. He was also running stations contest, shotgun style. Hey, he was loud and I worked him for a QSO for January 5th.

The next victory was with the HF9V. I went out to the backyard and installed a temporary jumper between the feed point of the antenna and the center conductor of the coax, which had pulled away and had snapped clean in two. The antenna hears fine again and tunes up great, too! I realize that this is not a permanent solution; but it does get me back to two antennas again!

Oh well, back to putting Christmas stuff away .....

73 de Larry W2LJ

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