Sunday, March 15, 2009

A couple of things

I built the ACME QRP Gel Cell Charger today, even though I don't have a method for powering it up right now. It went together very easily; and if you're new to kit building, I would not hesitate to recommend this kit to you as a second or even first time build!

It's a small but not tiny circuit board, the parts are all "through hole" and with the exception of one lil' typo (that was easy to figure out), the instructions were a snap to understand and follow.

You can see a few pictures on my Web page here. Or go to my Windows Skydrive page (which I just started) and check out the folder named ACME QRP.

Kudos to Craig NR4E for putting together a neat little kit!

Secondly, a few of you might have read the article in QST two months ago describing how to homebrew a Spud Gun (antenna line launcher). Steve WGØAT (ex NØTU) of "Peanut and Rooster" fame has a YouTube video showing the very same launcher in action. It is impressive! Click here to see it.

I wish I had tall trees in my backyard where I would have a need to have one of those!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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