Sunday, March 29, 2009

What to do next?

From earlier posts, you know that I have been ruminating on what project to tackle next. I have been thinking of going in several directions - perhaps a Pixie, or perhaps my QRP paddles kit that I have sitting in the basement.

I think that instead of those (which all need to get done!) that I will build a very simple 40 Meter receiver - ala' the MRX-40 Mini Receiver which first appeared in QST in 1997. My reasoning is several fold:

A) Going through my parts bin, I find that I have 90% of the parts needed for the job. The only thing I need is the NE612 and the LM380N and I've ordered those from DigiKey today.

B) Once this is done, it will be a perfect match the MFJ 40 Meter QRP transmitter that I purchased last year at the Sussex, NJ Hamfest for $5.

C) Inspired by Neal W3CUV, I think I'll order a PCB for it from Far Circuits. I've never used on of their products before; and the cost of the board is very reasonable - only $4.50.

This should be fun. Not only can I use this receiver with the MFJ; but I also have a 40 Meter Glowbug transmitter kit kicking around down there somewhere that I have yet to build. Maybe this receiver and the Glowbug can be my Straight Key Night setup for this coming New Year's Eve.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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