Monday, March 30, 2009

On being a conservative wackaloon

My rant against what I consider to be the great Global Warming Hoax of our time was not accepted well by a lot of you out there. Comments which appear in the "comments section" and through private e-mails that I have received, tell me as much.

So be it.

For the record - I am not in denial. I do believe that the climate is changing. However, I don't accept that this is 100% attributable to humankind. I believe that this is a living planet and that there are cycles that exist that we probably don't even begin to comprehend or know about. To be so arrogant and cocksure that we know the definitive answers seems a tad silly to me. Just 30 short years ago, we were certain and worried about the onset of a new Ice Age; and that the polar ice caps were growing at too fast a rate. There were actually plans to place soot on them to try and limit their growth. Maybe we should just let nature be nature and try not to tamper with it; either by polluting it or "helping" it. Like I said before, conservation of resources and being a good steward to our home is a good thing; and that should be enough. We should always try to remember that there is a "Law of Unintended Consequences".

My comments about religion were not well received, either. Well, I'm sorry if my beliefs make you uncomfortable. I don't see why they should. If you have enough faith in your own belief system; then what I think shouldn't matter a tinker's damn to you. If they do make you uncomfortable; then maybe you need to look inward.

I will not apologize for being what I am. I'm conservative by choice and I happen to be religious by nature and upbringing. That does not make me ignorant, stupid, uneducated, backward, or somehow something less than you. This country was built on the backs of a lot of people just like that - you might do well to read a little history.

If you choose not to read this blog because of any of this; then goodbye and I wish you well and nothing but the best. If you decide to return; then I hope to offer a lot more about Ham Radio - even if I should digress every now and then. It is just my opinion, after all. :)

73 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Larry, I would never quit reading your blog based on anything that you write. You and I live in the land of the free and we can certainly disagree on many things without becoming disagreeable with each other.

    I value the many things that you provide freely to the amateur service.

    And besides, we are fellow CW operators and I think that may well be thicker than blood! :-)

    Keep being you and let's enjoy this wonderful hobby while we can.

    Very 73 de Jeff, KE9V

  2. Hi Larry. I totally agree with you as regards the Great Global Warming Hoax. Here's a link to something I wrote about it last year in my blog on my business site. I think you might like the book by former British Chancellor of the Exchequer that I refer to there. It's a very well written critique of the popular view that It's All Our Fault, but as he concludes, even if we are partly to blame, it's going to be impossible to get the entire planet to agree to the kind of measures required to reduce carbon to pre-industrial levels, so we ought to be focussing on how we deal with global warming, not trying to prevent it.

  3. I'm with you, it's all junk science tied heavily to research funding. It's all a big racket. Why else would we have the 3 coldest winters in a row and and then global whining gets a name change to "global climate change".

    As Bugs Bunny would say.... "What a maroon!".


  4. Howard AB9FH6:27 PM

    When they can tell me reliably what the weather will be like in my city 7 days from now, I might start to give some creedence to their predictions of what the whole planet will be like 100 years from now. Fact is, they don't know. Not knowing is supposed to be okay in science. It tells you what kind of research to fund. Acting like you know when you don't is stupid and dangerous.

  5. Jonathan,

    Two days last summer we had temperatures in PA above 95 degrees, so global warming is real! Does that statement sound crazy? Well, it's equally crazy to say that global warming is a hoax noting a recent cold weather anomaly, too. You have to look at long term trends.

    If you look at the NOAA graphs, there's a definite upward trend. On this webpage you can see the NOAA graph: . Ironically this is a climate change "fraud" site. Apparently they think one normal year is more of a trend than the previous 20 which had an upward trend. Some people need to watch less Bugs Bunny and more Discovery Channel.