Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random thoughts

My 18V Wall Wart that I won on eBay did not arrive this week; much to my consternation. Luckily, the sun will come out tomorrow (What is this, "Annie"?) and I can hook up my 12V SLA battery to the solar panel to let it receive a nice charge.

I was hoping that during the coming week, that I might get a few lunchtime opportunities for some QRP QSOs from the park near work. Last Wednesday, it reached close to 70 Degrees here. Of course now that my gear is ready and the battery charged, I am sure it won't get above 45 Degrees all week!

I see that QRP Kits has announced two new ones. Today, Doug Hendricks KI6DS announced that he has added 2 new kits to his line of kits. They are an RF Probe packaged by Ken Locasale, and an Signal Tracer/Injector also packaged by Ken Locasale.

To check them out go to and scroll down to the News section. Click on the items and it will take you to the page. The manuals for both kits are up and available for download, according to Doug.

I went through my "In Box" today and got rid of a ton of e-mails that I never deleted for some reason or other. I reviewed them, kept the few that were important and chucked the rest. I shouldn't be; but I get amazed at times about the number of e-mails I get a day! Between all the CW and QRP related e-mail reflectors I subscribe to, it can get daunting at times. I subscribe to a good number of them in digest form; but the two major QRP reflectors I get as individual e-mails. I tried digest form on those; but ended up accidentally deleting e-mails that I had wanted to save by deleting the entire digest for that day.

I guess I will continue to make liberal use of the Delete Key.

One last thought - don't forget the NJQRP Homebrewer Sprint tomorrow night!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I'm assuming the 18V wall wart is for your ACME QRP gel cell charger. I used an IBM laptop AC adapter that puts out 16V and has the right connector for the charger. These adapters are ubiquitous because IBM has used the same AC adapter for several laptop models for years now. You should be able to pick one up for a song.

    Don, K7OG