Monday, March 23, 2009

NJQRP Homebrewer Sprint - the day after.

I must say that I had a good time participating in the Sprint last night. I gave it a go for 2 of the 4 hours; then I headed off to bed as today was a work day.

I made a total of 19 QSOs and as I figure it, my claimed score is 8512 points. As usual, I used my K2 at the 5 Watt setting to my G5RV. 40 Meters was very noisy with a lot of RTTY QRM coming all the way down to almost 7.030 MHz; but I did manage about 6 QSOs on that band. The rest were garnered on 80 Meters; which had some atmospheric QRN - a sure sign that Spring is approaching.

The highlights were working the ever present N4BP, QRP contester extraordinaire, as well as Jim W1PID who had a super loud signal into NJ. Maybe the best QSO I had was with NØEAX out of Missouri who was operating at the 900 mW level. I got an e-mail from Rich stating that I was the only QSO he made during his 60 minute operating period. 80 Meter QRPp is a tough business; and I'm glad the K2 was able to help me pull his signal outof the aether.

I heard some stations going back to K4BAI; but sadly, I wasn't able to pull his signal out - maybe next time!

If you participated in the contest you have 30 days in which to get me your log. Please don't forget. As the deadline draws near, I will make announcements on QRP-L. So far, I have received eight logs. I know there were more of you out there than that!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Larry
    Thanks for promoting this. I did not get on but I hope to another time.