Sunday, March 01, 2009

March rolls in like a lion .....

I guess that's true. Signs of Spring are everywhere. Next weekend, Daylight Savings Time begins again, the days are getting noticeably longer (I no longer drive home from work in the dark); and those little green tufts of grass are starting to sprout in my backyard.

But Ol' Man Winter isn't done with us yet! By the time I wake up for work tomorrow morning, there's supposed to be around 6 - 9 inches of snow on the ground. It's a raw, cold, bleek day here in Central New Jersey.

If you're like me, you've had enough of Winter back in December; and you're counting the days until you can walk around outside without a coat or jacket. This means the beginning of the 2009 "comfortable" outdoor QRP season; when you can set up the antenna and radio without the risk of hypothermia and frostbite! And you can sit outside with an iced tea or a lemonade (or a brewski!) instead of a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate.

Until that time comes, I have a link to a video that will warm the recesses of your heart. Introduced on the QRP reflectors by Steve NØTU of "Rooster and Peanut" fame, it's about a 50 pound DXpedition to the Caribbean. It seems it's always warm enough down there to sit and do some radio from the great outdoors!

is the link; and this should have you inspired and anxious for some good QRP weather that's sure to come our way sooner or later!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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