Sunday, November 08, 2009

Busy non-Ham day today!

The weather was beautiful today; as it was yesterday. But today was a lot warmer than yesterday. Today's high was somewhere near 67 degrees. This has been the first rain free weekend in a month or so.

So, I got busy today doing a lot of non-Ham Radio related chores. I got the grocery shopping done and came home to take care of much needed to get done yard work. Instead of raking the balance of the leaves, I ran over them with the mulching mower and killed two birds with one stone. I got the lawn mowed for the last time this season and fertilized it at the same time with very finely chopped up leaf residue.

In all, I bagged 27 of those huge paper bags with leaves this season. They will be picked up later this month by the township to the community compost pile.

After that was done, I cleaned up the garden for the winter. Got rid of the withered sunflower plants and the withered tomato vines. I collected about a dozen green tomatoes, which I deposited in brown paper bags. In a week or two, I should have the last ripe tomatoes from the garden. It was a good tomato year. My four plants yielded a lot of tomatoes, with the biggest one weighing in at two pounds! These were Rutger's Beefsteak and Early Girl varieties that I planted this year.

Then I put away the patio furniture and in essence, got the outside ready for winter. All the while I was sweating bullets from how warm it was outside! It is supposed to remain warm until about Thursday, when the temps are supposed to revert to something more normal. I guess this is our Indian Summer, which usually occurs in October, but didn't.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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