Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some 80 Meter success

Tonight is once again the 80 Meter QRP Fox hunt. Conditions on 80 Meters tonight are more reminiscent of Spring than late Autumn. The band is very noisy tonight - almost like thunderstorm season.

I managed to work Ron W8RU right off the bat. Ron is in Michigan and he had a strong signal into NJ; but there was a lot of QSB. I got him on the first call; and that was a treat. It's always nice to know you're being heard.

The other Fox will probably be almost impossible to bag tonight. Paul NG7Z is in Washington state; and I don't think that 80 Meters is going to run long enough to nab him. Even if it does, Paul will probably be way below the noise floor. I will check from time to time; but I am not holding my breath on catching this Fox.

I went to Target tonight to pick up an Acer Netbook. They have them on sale for $199 through tomorrow. Disappointment was mine as I was told they were sold out and probably would not replenish stock before the sale ends tomorrow. Oh, well - guess it wasn't meant to be. I could be a fool and check out Wal-Mart this Friday morning. The big question is, do I want one THAT bad as to go out and take on the Black Friday feeding frenzy?

Today was a bear at work. I managed to prep 41 of the 85 servers needed for tomorrow night. That added to what we got ready on Monday leaves us with only 7 to get ready tomorrow. While moving around one of the boxes, I managed to slightly sprain the third and fourth fingers on my left hand. No serious damage - just an annoyance.

One more work day until a four day weekend - I am using a vacation day on Friday. Tomorrow night I will post my annual Thanksgiving blog entry.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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