Saturday, August 14, 2010

Before I forget

One last thought before I turn in for the night.

Tonight - Sunday night - is the Flying Pigs monthly QRP Sprint, the Run For the Bacon. It runs from 9 - 11 PM EDT or 0100 to 0300 UTC (Monday morning).

For the details you can go to:

Like the majority of Flying Piggies, this is a laid back event. It's not a cut throat contest (well at least for most). So if you're new to QRP CW contesting and have always been meaning to give it a try - join us! You say your code speed is not that great? Most Piggies will slow down for you; and if you ask us to QRS, then you should be fine. Only a lid wouldn't comply at that point, right?

The exchange is RST, followed by your state, province or country (the dreaded S/P/C). followed by your Flying Pig membership number. What? You don't have one? What are you waiting for? The dues are ZIP, NADA, ZILCH !!!!! And the only club requirement is that you have FUN! In the meantime, just give your output power until you come to your senses and join this august group (no pun intended!).

If you're new to RFTB and you hear two Piggies end their exchange with "OO ES 73", just know the OO means "oink, oink". See what I mean? What SERIOUS and STUFFY contest would include that!

See you tonight in the pig pen!

72 de Larry W2LJ
Flying Pig #612
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. Larry,
    Have seen many times in the contest calenders Run for the Bacon never understood the contest. Knowing it is open to all I am going to give it a go. Not able to this evening but will set time aside for next month. Your blog entry sure does make this contest sound like a hoot. I'll drop the K3 to 5 watts and shoot the juice up to the dipole.