Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh, man !!!!

I note the "passing" of three Amateur Radio blogs on the blogroll.

For some time now, Jeff Davis KE9V has not posted any new entries to his blog; but he has kept up with new entries of his "Cornbread Road" audio series. And although I very much enjoy "Cornbread Road", I also miss Jeff's written posts. From his writing, I can tell that Jeff and I are on opposite poles of the political spectrum; but he is a very talented writer; and I respect his opinions - no matter how much they differ from mine.

And now today, Dick N2UGB and Paul PA0PSY have announced they will no longer commit pen to paper; or fingers to keyboard, whichever you prefer. While I regret their decision; I respect their reasoning and feelings. There are days when this isn't the easiest thing to do. It requires motivation and inspiration to keep it from becoming stale. You want to write about what interests you; and at the same time you don't want to bore the people who are visiting your blog. There are days when you definitely feel that you have "said it all" and it begins to feel pointless. But then there are other days when all you want to do is share your experience about that new mode you tried, that new kit you bought or built, that new country you worked, that great ragchew you just had ........

I look at it this way, if I ever feel this is becoming old, I will probably just post less with more breaks in between. I think sometimes bloggers fall into the trap of "quantity vs. quality". I know I fall into that trap myself, too. But I am still passionate about Amateur Radio and I hope that I can somehow share that with other folks - especially "the newbies". If you haven't tried doing this - give it a shot for a while! Blogger and WordPress are free. You don't have to be Shakespeare or Hemingway. All you have to have is some enthusiasm and a desire to share.

I will keep all three blogs listed on the blogroll for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, Jeff, Dick and Paul might get a burst of inspiration to write about something from time to time. Here's hoping to see more posts from these gentlemen - even if they don't come as often as they used to!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hi Larry,
    There will always be new bloggers around. It's a pity that people stop blogging. But I think that's also part of life. It's like people you meet in your life, on the internet, at the job, at a party or whenever. Some are becoming friends and are part of your life for a while. Then after a few years they move on and sometimes you will never meet them again in your lifetime. It happened to me several times and I accepted it. Just like I accept that some bloggers are moving on...
    By the way I hope you don't stop. I think your blog is getting more interesting. I enjoy it! 73, Bas

  2. The part that is worse for a blogger like myself, is when sites go down and it kills not only links on my site - but links to great content.

    My blog is minimal on opinion, but more as a directory of great ham radio resources.

    This happens on YouTube as well. There were some great videos on antenna theory, complete with great animations, and all of a sudden - BANG - the YouTuber removes his videos by closing his account.

    I think part of it also stems from people that start blogs, or video channels that have VERY thin skin. Hams, probably even more than the general population, tend to be very opinionated and some folks just can't take it.

    Almost two years, I'll try to continue on..... as long as people are creating great content.

    KB1KIX at

  3. Hi Larry, I am not deleting my blog, but it's in a big sleep for awhile. I keep on follow your blog in my google reader. Have a nice weekend, Paul

  4. I can understand that it can be a burden to keep an interesting blog, but you're doing a great job, Larry. I agree that quality is more important than quantity, but it seems like at least a weekly post is needed to keep the followers coming back.