Saturday, August 14, 2010

And now for something completely different

I did something tonight that I have not done in years. Something that I used to do on a very regular basis in my younger years. I went to a baseball game!

No, unfortunately, it was not a NY Mets game. I have been a Mets fan for 43 years now, since my Dad first took me to Shea Stadium when I was 10 years old. In fact, during the mid 80s until the mid 90s, my cousin John and I shared a partial season plan. We had tickets for all the Saturday home games. Those years were so much fun!

But with Major League Baseball ticket prices skyrocketing out of sight, in addition to outrageous toll and gas prices, it almost required a second mortgage on the house to keep that up. Going to just one game now probably costs what an entire season worth of games used to.

But tonight was Girl Scout night at the Somerset Patriots, a team with the independent Atlantic League. So all four of us went - Marianne, Joey, Cara and myself. Between the cost of the tickets, parking and food, we spent a ton less than what we would have by going to see the Mets at Citifield.

And it was a good time! The kids had fun, I enjoyed the game and even Marianne seemed to be enjoying herself; and she's not a baseball fan. We had fantastic seats just a small ways up the third baseline from home plate. It was good to see the rich, lush, green grass and to smell the rich earth that makes up the infield. The Patriots won, 6-1 and it's always a good thing when the home team wins.

I snapped up a schedule on the way out of the ballpark; and the regular season ends the last weekend in September. Plenty of opportunity to catch another home game.

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