Friday, August 13, 2010

A trip to Radio Shack

is in the offing. The 80 Meter PSK31 Warbler that W3BBO has graciously loaned me arrived in today's mail.

So, I will be needing two stereo cables with male to male ends. No problem - I know that the Shack has those! The tricky part will be to see if they carry a 9 pin D serial cable. The online store has them; but my local neighborhood poorly stocked store probably won't have one.

Worse comes to worse, I think I might have a male and female connector hiding somewhere in the junk box. I'll just have to hunt around around for some multi-conductor cable.

Of course, Bob did not just send me the circuit board as show above. His is nicely fitted into a handsome enclosure.

This being August, I normally start getting the "end of Summer" blues about this time; and start dreading the return of colder weather that's just over the horizon. But if the eventual cold weather brings awesome conditions back to 80 Meters - this little kit will make my annual descent towards winter all that much more bearable!

Oh yes, tonight should be the waning phase of the Perseid meteor shower. I doubt I would see any thanks to our Suburban New York City light polluted environment. But it might be worth a listen on 10 Meters to see if some spurious ionization takes place.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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