Sunday, August 15, 2010

CQing away

I have the K2 on autopilot, calling "CQ FP DE W2LJ" as I type this. So far at 0138 UTC, there is not a whole heckuva lot of activity. I have worked three stations so far, KB6NU and VE3MO on 40 Meters and N4BP on 20 Meters. I have some really bad QRM on 20 Meters, making that band pretty unusable. The only reason I heard Bob N4BP is that he's booming in 20 over 9. Looks like a long night tonight; and I advertised the Sprint in plenty of locations in ample time. I guess folks are busy or on vacation.

On the bright side, I did finish my Fuchs antenna matching unit today. I would have tossed some wire up a tree to play around with it; but today we got some rain (first time in a couple of months!). And it was a nice gentle rain, too. The ground is so hard and dry that a hard rain would have run right off. This rain had a chance to soak in. But the fact is that we could use about a week of this. The forecast for tomorrow is back up to the upper 90s with high humidity. As hot as this summer has been, I will be sad to see it eventually go.

Well, back to the Sprint and maybe I'll hunt and pounce for a bit.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Larry you coaxed me onto the RFTB and I was hoping to hear you. Lots of static and interference last night down here in Orlando, but with my trusty NEScaf, I did drag 5 QSO's out of the mess. Sure was not an easy night and makes me wonder if a backyard antenna is worth all the effort. With all the condos and interference, it is a challenge to pull signals out of the noise. I am really interested to hear what you think about the Fuchs tuner. I've been watching that one for a long time. It looks like a nice device and I hope it serves you well good friend.
    Kelly K4UPG

  2. I'm not real good at CW, I know the only way I will is if I get out there and practice, listen and try. Hope to work you on the bands some night. Seems like there are more fellas doing CW at night rather than voice.
    I like your blog site.
    Mark de KD8BIG