Saturday, August 21, 2010

Very slow going

in the QRP ARCI SK Memorial Sprint.

So far in 45 minutes of operating, I have worked the following - N4BP (as always!), AB7AN, NT9K, K0LWV, K9IS all on 20 Meters. 40 Meters is nice and quiet - but no activity there.

I don't know if it's a case of crummy propagation or just a lack of participation; but it's definitely not hopping. If this keeps up, I think I'll pull the plug way before the 1800 UTC official end time.

I have heard K7TQ, Randy in Moscow, Idaho; but the QSB has been really bad and so far he's been between 549 and ESP. I know I can't be much better. I also heard and tried to work Kelly K4UPG, who is the author of one of the blogs in my blogroll. Kelly was about 449 to New Jersey and I tried working him on both the G5RV and the Butternut HF9V - but no dice.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

Note: Added K4JPN and N5URL on 20 Meters and K3HX on 40 Meters to the total. Pulled the plug at 17:30 UTC - have to get the grocery shopping done!


  1. Good afternoon Larry, I too have had a very slow day of it as well. As you say not sure if the conditions are favoring QRP. I heard N4BP but was not able to make the contact. I had to pull the plug I was on the back deck with my KX1 and the rain started. I will be posting some pic's on the blog and a little write up as well.

  2. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Propagation is just so poor!!! I'm afraid this cycle is just not going to be very profitable. A downer for geezers like me only able to operate on 20 meters and higher. 73 N2UGB

  3. Larry,
    I thought I heard you at ESP level in the noise. Boy the bands were not working for me down here in Orlando yesterday (Sat) for our Polar Bear QRP Club Summer Picnic Event. It was hot and we had off and on rain every so often. That was a good test of my new Coleman 2 pole shelter which fared well except for when I forgot and leaned too far and got soaked.

    So blame it on the propagation. It was plain lousy on 40, 30, 20m here and I did not hear anything on 15m but the QRN was not bad there at least. Signals were way way down in the noise and only with serious use of the NEScaf Filter could I hear well enough to copy anyone all day. Lightning and wind shut me down about 1:30 local.

    Sorry I missed ya! But know I will keep looking for you.

    Kelly K4UPG