Monday, August 09, 2010

The Bucket List

One of the things that's on my Ham Radio Bucket List is to try and do some PSK31. That probably sounds strange. PSK is by all accounts a very popular mode; but it is one that I have never tried.

Looking in my log, I saw that the last QSOs that I made using a digital mode were made back in March of 2000. Some were RTTY and some were PacTOR. I used to do quite a bit of digi in the 90s. I guess the fascination wore off; as it seemed to be too much like "e-mail over the radio" for me. So ever since March 2000, it has been CW all the way.

One of the problems is that I no longer have a radio that will allow me to do PSK31. My K2, K1 and PFR3A radios are CW capable only. I was contemplating buying and building the SSB board for the K2; but that would involve messing with the crystal filter settings and they are PERFECT where they are now. I don't want to mess up a great thing.

So Bob W3BBO has come to my rescue once again; and is going to temporarily lend me his Warbler. This was a kit sold by the NJQRP Club a while back; and will allow me to do some PSK31 during the cold winter nights on 80 Meters this winter. With an output of 3 Watts, this still keeps me quite happily in the realm of QRP.

If I like it, there are the PSK series of kits offered by Small Wonder Labs. They are reasonably priced and if I end up REALLY, REALLY liking the mode, I can buy one for 20 Meters, say, for $120.

So do me a favor and don't report me to the CW police, OK? They might want to take away my Morse Code credentials. Hi!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least.


  1. I don't think adding the SSB board to your K2 would involve messing up your CW filter settings. With the KSB added you get a whole EIGHT new filter settings, 4 for SSB and 4 for data. Your 4 CW settings should remain untouched.

  2. Hello Larry,

    I like to work CW, but also other modes as well. Only one mode is boring for me. I like to chance so now and then. Good luck,

    73 Paul