Friday, July 27, 2018


OK, so I am going to channel K3WWP for a few minutes and do a tiny bit of statistical analysis of the Skeeter Hunt roster as it stands of this minute on Friday, July 27th.

111 people have signed up for Skeeter numbers - this is how it shakes out by state:

AR - 1
AZ - 2
CA - 2
CO - 2
CT - 1
FL - 9
GA - 2
IA - 1
ID - 1
IL - 8
IN - 1
KS - 4
MI - 1
MN - 2
MO - 9
MS - 1
NC - 7
NE - 1
NH - 4
NJ - 11
OH - 2
OR - 1
PA - 11
SC - 1
TN - 3
TX - 4
VA - 4
VT - 1
WI - 4
Undecided - 1

ON - 3
QC - 4

In 2012 we had 50 people submit scores - I do not have a copy of the full roster, but the highest Skeeter # that I see on the Scoreboard is 123. (40% approximately)
In 2013 we had 154 people sign up for Skeeter numbers - 71 submitted scores - 46%
In 2014 we had 158 people sign up for Skeeter numbers - 63 submitted scores.- 40%
In 2015 we had 167 people sign up for Skeeter numbers - 62 submitted scores - 37%
In 2016 we had 173 people sign up for Skeeter numbers - 80 submitted scores  - 46%
In 2017 we had 147 people sign up for Skeeter numbers - 52 submitted scores - 36%

I guess 2014 was when I decided to keep more complete records (or perhaps 2012 and 2013 are on an old computer hard drive that I no longer have access to), so the participation percentages for 2012 and 2013 can only be approximate. They're not far away from the other years, so I would assume the percentages are not that far off.

Surprises this year:

New Jersey has 11 participants, so far. That is a record for NJ. I know this is the NJQRP Skeeter Hunt; but in past years, NJ has had less participation. Way to go NJ!

Pennsylvania is no surprise. They are always represented well. Missouri and North Carolina are also always well represented, and they continue to be, this year. I am a little shocked that Georgia only has 2 Skeeters signed up, so far. Usually a contingent of NoGA QRPers sign up. Maybe something is going on in GA Amateur Radioland that weekend to preclude it this year?

Nobody has signed up from the Empire State? Wow!

Always glad to see participation from our Ham brethren from Canada. Hey guys, we could use more VE call signs! What say?

As always, participation from the West coast and the Great Northwest is sketchy, at best. I know we have a lot of excellent QRPers who live out that way. I hope we can hear more of them on Hunt day, which is in three weeks. Plenty of time to sign up - hint, hint!

In the past 2016 was our biggest year for participation and scores submitted. I'm sure that NPOTA was the driving factor behind this.

Last year, 2017 saw a downturn in participation and scores submitted. I think this was due to two factors - 1) The Skeeter Hunt was the day before the Big Solar Eclipse (people were travelling) and 2) the fact we were on the downhill side of the solar cycle. This factor may play a big role in 2018.

We'll see.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. Hopefully weather won't be an issue here in northwest NC this year. I just checked the 7 days forecast and Sunday, July 29th is showing a high temperature of 88 degrees with a 40% chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. Very 72 de Skeeter # 97. Bzzzz!