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Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday night - best time of the week!

Work is officially done for the week; and the possibilities for a great weekend lie ahead. That's why Friday night is the best part of the week!

After dinner, I came down to the shack to get in my QSO for January 7th. Still going strong the first week of January, having made more than one QSO each day of 2012 so far.

80 Meters is barren and 40 Meters has digital signals coming down to about 7.035 MHz.  If I remember correctly, the first weekend of January is the ARRL RTTY Roundup, so 40 Meters might be useless this weekend.  But on the other hand, 30 Meters is wide open!  I heard SV2GNC, Mike in Kilkis calling CQ with not many takers.  Fortunately, my 5 Watts out of my 88' EDZ was heard immediately.  Mike and I worked back in April of 2011, so I am already in his log, which explains the immediate "GE LARRY".

A little up the band, I can hear HK1N working stations.  He's doing a bit more than "Wham Bam TNX 599" QSOs, so why do other folks insist on sending their call out before he's done?  Is that what we've come to - such short QSOs without the possibility of any real talking?  Stepping on each other mindlessly, just to get another QSO in the log?  Even though the pile up became a bit insane, I managed to get through at 01:53 UTC and got Jim in the log.  It's so nice when a QSO with a DX station is even just a wee bit more than a signal report.

This weekend is the Polar Bear's Moonlight Madness Event - the PBMME.  I hope to get out for a few minutes tomorrow afternoon and try something different, inspired by my good friend W3BBO. If it's successful, I will post about it tomorrow night.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


K6BBQ said...

Inspired by W3BBO and BBQ (K6BBQ) too I hope. Maybe between you going out in the afternoon and me late morning, we might finally get a bear to bear QSO in. Have fun tomorrow Larry

VE3WDM said...

Good morning Larry. yes I will also say that Friday nights are great. I did not get a chance to get on the radio. But on Saturday I plan on getting some time in on the Pet rock QRP contest. Looking forward to your post on how things radio wise go today.

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