Saturday, February 13, 2010


I worked on the PFR3A some more tonight. I was semi successful in getting U11 off the board. I used some ChipQuick and was able to remove the chip; but I did lift off one pad in the process. No big deal as I scraped away some of the solder resist that led to that pad and soldered on a bit of discarded lead from a capacitor. Primitive; but workable.

I placed the oscillator chip in the right way; and still have no receive function. The voltages are now correct, however. So as per Steve KD1JV in his e-mail to me; I guess the oscillator chip did not survive being powered up in a reverse voltage situation.

I sent an e-mail to QRPKits, informing Doug that I need a new U11 clock oscillator. I copied in all my correspondence with KD1JV. Hopefully, I will get the new part soon. If U11 is soldered in correctly and does its job, it will provide a clock input to U7 so I can get the DDS LO output that I need to get the receive section working.

Or so the theory goes .......

I am extremely glad that I still have my K1 as my primary portable radio! I'd be up a creek without it.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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