Tuesday, February 02, 2010


A new phenomena was witnessed by yours truly during the 80 Meter Foxhunt tonight. For once, 40 Meters was the quieter band of the two. I had fierce S9 noise on 80 Meters; but it wasn't the same band QRN that I get on 40. But it did make for harrowing listening on 80 Meters. Switching over to 40 Meters for a brief check of the band revealed a nice quiet band. This is usually just the opposite of what normally occurs.

I had to turn off the AGC; and only then was I able to hear either Fox - N0IT or AB7R. I was able to send up a flare and have Dave N0IT pull me out of the muck; but I am not so hopeful for a QSO with AB7R. There's only 20 minutes left in the hunt, he's way down in the mud and there's a 10 over 9 net close by.

Let's just say the odds are not with me tonight for a double pelt.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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