Sunday, February 21, 2010

No time

There was not much time to play around in the DX Contest today. My daughter had that cheerleading competition, which effectively took the entire day. I was able to get on for about a half hour before leaving for Mass this morning. 15 Meters was open and I heard a lot of European stations; and worked a few also. Didn't hear any VKs or ZLs, which disappointed me a bit.

In all, in the very limited amount of time I put in, I worked about 50 or so stations. Time to start writing up some QSL cards!

The Flying Pigs "Run For The Bacon" is tonight. I think I'm too pooped to do any running this month.

I knew I was too pooped to pop! I worked the first hour and only made 6 QSOs. I guess everyone else is pooped too. I worked C6AKQ (N4BP) on 40 Meters - that was the highlight. VE3MO on 80 Meters was the loudest Piggie I heard while I was on.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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