Sunday, February 21, 2010

I never noticed

Now that I have the two antennas plugged into the K2 together, it is much easier to do an A/B comparison. Now, instead of flicking a coax switch, I just push a button and can hear the differences instantaneously. And what I heard tonight surprised me.

On 40 Meters the HF9V is giving me better performance than the wire. I was hearing stations noticeably louder with the vertical. Now the backyard is covered with snow; so maybe the radial system is doing a bang up job currently being soaked in moisture from the melting snow. I don't know. But I was working stations with ease and got another "new one" tonight. HQ9R on 40 Meters. Yes, I've worked Honduras before; but not QRP - so that makes two new QRP entities for me today.

In all, I've cherry picked about 50 QRP DX contacts today; and learned a few new things about my "antenna farm". Actually, it's more like an antenna flower pot as opposed to a farm; but it's all I have and I am enjoying it for now.

I'm beat and off to bed. Cara has a cheer leading competition tomorrow; so my operating time will be VERY limited.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Hi Larry, well done. I think you are a great operator. And I think a vertical, because of low angle take off, is much more better then a wire. When the weather improves here, I will put up the vertical for HF. I can't hardly wait for DX on 10 or 15 meter with good conditions. Have a nice Sunday, 73 Paul