Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flying with the Owls

Just got finished with the Hoot Owl Sprint for 2010. I put in three out of the four hours. Goes to show you I would NEVER make a Big Gun contester! My butt just can't handle sitting in one place for that long.

0001 W1PID 40M
0002 VE3EZP 40M
00015 K4WY 40M
0020 W8TM 40M
0023 AK4MT 40M
0027 VA3RKM 40M
0033 KD2JC 80M
0035 W2JEK 80M
0047 WZ2T 40M
0103 K4KSR 80M
0108 N8TA 20M
0121 KB1PBA 40M
0132 AE8M 40M
0134 N8TA 40M
0142 KN1H 80M
0142 AI2T 80M
0200 KN1H 40M
0202 AI2T 40M
0235 AA1MY 20M
0247 K2HX 40M
0255 N3KRS 40M

Only two contacts on 20 Meters, although I did hear W0UFO and KT5E well on that band. I tried them both on the G5RV and the HF9V; but neither antenna yielded a QSO. 40 Meters was once again the "money band" with a good amount of activity around both 7.040 and 7.030 MHz. I think Hams are sometimes very slow to break their habits; and the migration to 7.030 from 7.040 is taking place slowly - but taking place just the same.

21 QSOs in 3 hours is not a great pace by any stretch of the imagination; but it's what I ended up with!

72 de Larry W2LJ

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