Sunday, May 02, 2010

That was close !!!

I mowed the lawn today and almost experienced the nightmare. The lawn mower kicked up something and I saw the coax to my Butternut move !!! Oh, no !!! It turned out that I seriously lucked out. The PVC jacket took a very slight hit, but only enough to allow me to see the underlying shield braid. The braid itself is undisturbed, there was not enough damage done to do any damage. I covered the PVC nick with a thorough covering of electrical tape. I will replace the coax before winter; but for now there is no immediate danger.

I've gone over that spot hundreds of times with the mower and never came close to hitting the coax. I don't know why that happened today. I placed the coax closer to the fence hoping that this will eliminate a further problem. When I eventually put down the new coax, I might also purchase a quantity of those 3M sticky plastic hooks to attach to the fence in order to support the coax 1 - 2 inches above lawn mower level. It is a costly error when this occurs.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. I hit the coax to my R7 Vert every couple of years. Splice it and taping it works for a while! Then you replace it and make shorter pieces out of the leftovers!

    Paul K3PG