Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thought so !!!!

At first, I thought it was because every active QRPer is on the way home from Dayton. No one seems to be on the air today! But I see from the G4ILO propagation box that the sunspots are once again at zero and the solar flux is hovering around 70. Pitsy conditions once again.

This solar cycle 24 is once again reminding me of my lawn mower on a bad day .... starts to rumble, sputters out, starts to go again with a shudder, sputters out and so on and so on. Eventually my mower warms up and I get the yard mowed - I wish cycle 24 would warm up for good!

I just realized that tonight is the monthly Run for the Bacon and I will put an e-mail out if I can tear my daughter away from the "main" computer for a few minutes. I am suspecting that a lot of the normal players are traveling today and will be to pooped to pop tonight.

But then again, I may be wrong. I usually am!

72 de Larry W2LJ

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