Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ready for FOBB - I think .....

The parts that I need for the Buddistick arrived via UPS yesterday. In addition to two new 22 inch antenna arms, I bought two of the heavy duty 10 foot whips. These do not collapse down small enough to fit into the nylon Buddistick carrying bag; but no matter. Using the longer whip should really help out on 40 Meters. From the tip of the painter's pole will be 44 inches worth of antenna arm, with the multi-band coil coming next. On top of that will be the 10 foot whip. That's close to 14 foot worth of vertical antenna perched atop a 12 foot (extended) painter's pole. My Buddistick will be almost as tall as my Butternut HF9V when all is said and done! Of course, only the top 14 feet will do any radiating; but is should be a more efficient antenna for 40 Meters than just the standard Buddistick configuration (22 inches worth of antenna arm and only 5 feet worth of whip).

In addition to the arms and whips, I bought the Buddipole book by Scott Andersen NE1RD of "100 Pound DXpedition" fame. Skimming through it, it looks like a great book and a good read - well worth the $15.00. Scott has taken his Buddipole all over the word on various mini-DXpeditions and it has performed wonderfully for him. It's always a good thing to be able to learn from other people's successes. A lot of the guess work in setting up a Buddipole or Buddistick is eliminated as Scott relates the actual set ups for each band. It seems to me that if Scott was able to use his Buddipole to make 1000s of QSOs from Montserrat, St. Lucia and other exciting locations; then I should be able to generate some decent FOBB contacts from my backyard, or the park, or wherever with my Buddistick.

Next month, when I get a little more cash saved, I think I am going to purchase the Buddipole "standard mast". Truthfully, it will extend to only about 10 feet (about 2 feet less than my painter's pole). But it does collapse down to 22 inches. The painter's pole collapses down to around 5 feet. Not the easiest thing to haul around, especially in the car. It's too long to lay down sideways in the back of the Ford, so I have to let it lay up the side. And this is a bother to the backseat passenger on whichever side that happens to be. But I do have to admit that it does make a decent walking stick!

Terrestrial weather forecast for Sunday: Partly sunny with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 90s. Chance of rain 30 percent.

72 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I'll attest to Scott's, NE1RD, book being a great read. I actually ordered a second one so I could have my library copy and one always in the portable bag. Not being an engineer, I learned a lot from the book.

    Scott's book is also available as a free download from the Buddipole website in the Document section. The book is Creative Commons and free to share. If you're interested in a Buddipole, you can get a good preview by reading Scott's book.

    Jason - N6WBL

  2. What do you use for a tripod? I'm in a similar boat - I just ordered a pair of 22" arms and a mast/painters' pole mount for my Buddistick, and my tripod setup is a horrible hack - think "normal camera tripod plus bungi cords plus painters' pole!"

    I'd love to get the official Buddipole mast and tripod, but I'd also love to not spend another $140! :)

  3. Seth,

    I don't use a tripod. I made a Buddistick holder out of some PVC piping, angle iron and hose clamps. Send me an e-mail to and I will send you a photo.