Tuesday, July 06, 2010


It reached 103F here today (39.4C) AND we lost power this afternoon for about an hour. My only concern was contemplating trying to sleep in this heat without at least a fan. Turned out to be the transformer on the utility pole down the street. Public Service Electric and Gas came out very promptly to make at least a temporary fix until a permanent replacement transformer can be installed tomorrow.

I grew up in a house that had no air conditioning and can generally live without it with not much problem. I guess that's why I don't mind hot weather at all. However all that said, it is tough to sleep in a sauna!

On a radio note, I installed eight AA batteries in the PFR3A and no go! Looks like I have to re-solder the wire between the two battery inserts. The problem is that these inserts are very flimsy and you have to be FAST with the soldering iron.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. I don't envy you those temperatures. I think I'd invest in a pool, even if only one of those inflatable ones, if temperatures that high were common here.

    I don't mind a sauna, in fact we go for one twice a week, but I wouldn't want to wear clothes or work in one, never mind sleep! I hope cooler weather is on the way.