Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wouxun City

Several folks have asked if I like my Wouxun 2 Meter / 220 MHz portable. The answer is enough to go onto eBay to find and purchase the accompanying 2 Meter / 440 MHz version. I love the audio quality and the physical lightness of the radio as well as how it feels in my hand. I find it easy enough to program without resorting to the help of a PC to do it. Hopefully, it will be getting here from Hong Kong in short order.

My Alinco will be donated to a young local Ham who I taught in the class that Marv K2VHW and I gave a few years ago at our local Office of Emergency Management. He is in high school now and is still "equipment-less". He's still very interested in the hobby and I am hoping that this will be his doorway into getting more and more involved. VHF/UHF now and hopefully HF in the near future.

There is one catch, though. I told him that when he is an older licensed, veteran Ham; that it will be his responsibility to do the same thing for some newcomer in the future. This young man is quite the example of a teenager who has his head screwed on correctly. I have no doubt that he will keep his promise to do this in the future.

Plus the fact that I plan on hanging around long enough to prod him if I have to!

72 de Larry W2LJ

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