Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Antenna thoughts

The next project after the Fuchs Tuner will be to build and install the 160 Meter board for the K2 before the winter sets in.

It will be nice to have 160 Meter capability; but will even be nicer if I do something installing a proper 160 Meter antenna. I am particularly interested in the possible solution offered by Greg Crossman WE0D, on page 44 of this month's QST. This antenna looks like a pretty economical solution for my plight. A base loaded, bottom coil vertical antenna, which uses a 31 ft (9.4 meters) fiberglass pole as a support.

There is a corner in the backyard behind my shed where I just cleared out a pile of brush and weeds. I can lay some radials along the side and back property line, too. And the location is pretty unobtrusive as far as sight goes, also. I don't think that Marianne would notice it or care about it that much.

I don't have a convenient anchor point for an Inverted L. WE0D's antenna just might do the trick. Heck, at this point, it would be better than nothing!

72 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Larry I was very impressed after reading about how you learn morse code.
    I think we'll keep learning and learning.

    73- Adi - Yustiadi

  2. Just a thought. The best part about the 160m board for the K2 is the RX antenna jack. I use the K9AY a lot on 80m, and the rx jack makes that easy.

    K2 on 160m is very good. K2 is my favorite radio. Having used several K3's, I still prefer the K2.

    Have fun on 160m.

  3. Hi Larry,

    A good solution for a 160 meter band antenna. I like that band, especially in winter season.

    73 Paul

  4. I'll be anxious to hear how this antenna performs for you on 160. I have a 43' multiband vertical that claims to work on 160-10, 80+ radials, and it tunes wonderfully on 160. It works great on 30, 40, and reasonably well on 80. It is absolutely worthless on 160. I can hear them just fine, but they can't hear me running 100 watts, and I'm not talking DX, I'm talking two or three states away. I hope you have better luck than I do.

    Keith is right, having the rcv antenna input that comes with the 160 board has proven very useful.

    73 Ed N4EMG