Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Earl and New Jersey

As of this moment, it's looking like Hurricane Earl might only give coastal NJ a glancing blow. Current computer models are showing the Cat. 4 hurricane remaining well off shore, with only tropical storm warning posted for the immediate coast.

In fact, as of right now, the three different weather sites that I keep tabs on (TWC, AccuWeather, Weather Underground) are only calling for a 50% of showers on Friday, the day that Earl is supposed to be in the vicinity. But hurricanes are fickle beasts with minds of their own, and anything can happen between now and then. In any event, the "go bag" is prepped and ready to go should the worst happen and should our CERT team be activated.

On a personal note, I had to go get a parathyroid scan today. Some recent routine bloodwork has shown that I am trending towards hypercalcemia, that is, too much calcium in my blood. Which was probably the cause of my kidney stone attack back in 2009, or so my doctor thinks. If the scan reveals benign adenomas on my parathyroid, then I might have to get it removed. I should know more next week. It's always something, isn't it?

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Best of luck with the hurricane and the hospital visit.

  2. Good luck with the med tests. I suffered from stones for quite a while. Eventually had the "pulverizer" treatment. 73 Dick

  3. Hi Larry hope all turns out well with the test. We understand how valuable out health is when there are issues. Keep us informed and all the best.

  4. Hi Larry, that might be an operation in the future. Well, good luck, take care. When we are getting older all kind of physical problems showing up. Aaargh... 73 Paul