Friday, September 03, 2010

He took aim

Courtesy of the NY Post

and he missed! Thank the Lord, Earl was a non-event in New Jersey, at least the central part of the state. As I was driving home, headed directly Eastbound, you could see the clouds that formed Earl's outer rim, all the way up, high into the sky. Impressive indeed!

But so far, we have had none of the rains or wind that was predicted. Earlier today, Earl had been downgraded from a Category 4 to a Category 1 hurricane, which is the lowest a hurricane can go before being downgraded even farther back to Tropical Storm status. That happens once the sustained winds fall below 75 MPH.

So once these clouds clear out of here tonight, we are looking towards a very pleasant Labor Day weekend around these parts. Sunny for tomorrow, Sunday and Monday with highs in the 70's (23C) the first two days and then back into the 80's (28C) for Monday.

The ETS of NJ (local 2 Meter repeater group) annual picnic is on Sunday;' and the whole family is planning on attending. The ETS club has always shared the passion of the PARC Club in knowing how to put out a good spread. We are looking forward to it.

Monday, which is Labor Day, will bring the annual South Plainfield Labor Day parade. I will be there bright and early (6:00 AM) with other CERT and RACES volunteers who will help provide communications and logistical backup to the parade organizers. At night, we will have a fireworks display and the CERT and RACES folks will be there again, volunteering their hours to make sure all goes well and without incident.

In between all the activity; I am still hoping to sneak away to one of the local parks for an hour or two sometime this weekend, in order to play around with the PFR3A, Fuchs tuner and wire antenna. Also, if time permits, I will spend some time with the ATS-3B to see if I can make any progress on that front.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Larry that's good news for sure about Earl, amazing how fast things can change. Sounds like a very busy weekend (now a rain free one). Enjoy the picnic on Sunday as well as the Plainfield Labor day parade. Looking forward to your posts about the weekend and hopefully the portable operation as well.