Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got one

Oh well, got one Fox in the 80 Meter QRP Foxhunt tonight.  I found Tom KV2X right off the bat and thought I was going to get a quick pelt.  Then the blasted cell phone rang!  It was work and I had to go in and get (12) HP BLc NC542m 10GBe Dual Port Adapters out of storage to hand off to be installed.

I left the Foxhunt 10 minutes in and got back with 10 minutes to go.  Tom had QSYed a bit and had switched over to simplex operating; but I manged to get into the log.  I found Dave AB9CA in AL quite quickly; but he was weak and even though I called a few times, I didn't stand out enough from the other Hounds to snare a pelt. Maybe, just maybe if I had had the entire 90 minutes?

Earlier, I had attended a NJQRP meeting via TeamSpeak, which is a net conferencing client.  It was really neat! The audio was fantastic and it was like the other NJQRP members were in the room with me.  This idea was the brainchild of George N2APB and Joe N2CX.  Seems that attendance at the NJQRP meetings has been sparse lately.  They will still hold physical meetings; nut not quite as often. The Net Conferences will be interspersed to allow for more flexibility and to see how they will draw attendance.

It is a great idea, because frankly, Saturday morning is a bad time for me to make a radio club meeting.  The kids always have something going on that I have to drive them to.  Maybe someday, when they're older and can drive themselves around, it will be possible for me to make a Saturday morning NJQRP meeting; but not right now. So these get togethers will be quite welcome on my part.

I am becoming way more open to the idea of selling the K1.  I may put it up on eBay this weekend.  If you're interested and want to make an offer, I am willing to listen to reasonable offers.  Drop me an e-mail.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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