Friday, November 25, 2011

I've gone and done it.

So how many radios do you need, anyway?  Realizing that I can only use one at a time, and wanting a KX3 as badly as I do - I've went and put the K1 and several bugs from my collection on eBay.  In addition to the funds I raised by selling my antique Graflex camera, I am hoping that these items will bring me within striking distance.

I also found an antique (circa 1915) Junghans pocket watch that was sitting in a box in my filing cabinet.  It had belonged to a great uncle on my father's side.  I figure it's better to put it into the hands of a collector than just sitting in a drawer somewhere.

I have a couple of old rings that I want to take to a gold buyer and if I need to, I have some silver (pre-1965) coins that I should take to a coin dealer - if nothing more than to get an idea of their worth.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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