Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's always fun

when you can get a deuce (two pelts) on QRP Foxhunt night.  There are so many things against it - propagation, band conditions and as W3BBO always tells me - location, location, location!

Tonight everything was in alignment.  I worked Paul AA4XX right off the bat at 0200 UTC. I think I was the first hound in his log.  Drew K9CW (gotta love that call!) was a bit tougher.  He was making liberal use of the RIT knob and I had to listen for a bit and figure out that after each QSO, he was listening just a bit higher.  Once I got that down, it wasn't long till I was in his logbook, either.

Plus the fact that both gentlemen have fists that are par excellent!  It was a joy to just sit there and listen to them pick off hounds one right after another.

I think I might have picked up a new country the other morning. I was listening to YI9EO operating from Iraq. He was on 10 Meters and was a good 449, even though the QSB was fast and furious.  I sent my call out several times; and I was pretty darn sure he came back to me.  I sent RST, name and NJ a couple of times.  I definitely heard "TNX NJ"; so I am pretty sure it was me. But when it comes to DX, I tend to remain a pessimist, so a QSL card will be in order and hopefully, I will not get it back with a "Not In Log" stamp on it.

I will keep on listening for him in the mornings on 10 Meters to see if I can get an "insurance QSO".

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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