Monday, January 07, 2013


I was playing around with my logging program tonight and updated the "QRP DXCC Tally" on my operating page.  The last entry I had put on there was the Isle of Man back in March of 2011.  I have worked about 15 new DXCC entities since then via QRP - bringing my total up to 125 worked with 5 Watts or less.

I am sure you guys could do way better than that!  I am just a dial twiddler and pretty much work DX when I come across it by chance, or during a DX contest.

If you're a dedicated DXer, who makes use of the PacketClusters and all that kind of thing, you could probably complete QRP DXCC and more in a calendar year.

But whether your an old fashioned dial turner like me; or use the latest and greatest technology to find DX, DXCC is very feasible using 5 Watts or less.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Hello Larry,

    Unfortunately, I'll have to get outside with a dipole and where there's no electrical noise. I fear it's my only option from here in my city; but I too find it rather amazing that most hams feel DXCC is only possible with thousands of dollars invested in a station. That's simply NOT the truth.

    Congratulations on 125 DX entities! It's especially rewarding when just "spinning the dial". I've started using the clusters but find some of my best contacts have been "out there all by themselves" and "lone wolfs".

    I've learned antennas and filters are everything; of which I have little or none. hihi

  2. Most of the serious QRP DXers have DXCC before the end of February. They complete it during the ARRL DX Contest.

  3. Like I said, John (AE5X) I'm just a dial twiddler with average (or less than) antennas.

    I agree, serious QRP DXers will leave me in the dust with warp speed.

    73 de Larry W2LJ

  4. Hey, John - yeah, know what you mean with the noise. It can be really bad here too and I'm in what's considered the suburbs.

    There are nights I can't get on at all - 20 over S9 hash on all the bands. Other nights are good. It's a crap shoot around here.

    My use of the Clusters is to verify callsigns of the guys who send at 40 WPM and even after 10 tries, I'm still not sure I copied their call correctly!

    73 de Larry W2LJ

  5. Hi Larry,

    Exactly with the clusters. I have trouble hearing the correct number of "dots". Some of the best CW operators in the world are out there....some of the worst too. hihi

    At least we both have the option of getting outdoors and away from all the electrical noise. Operating outdoors is one of the great joys of QRP operation in my opinion.

  6. 2E0OZI6:47 PM

    I'm just a dial twiddler too. When I first got into ham radio my good friend Barry M0UOK encouraged me to chase the DX like mad and use the cluster. I looked at them, but its just not my scene. I prefer to twiddle and listen, and if it comes it comes. I'm just as happy in a QSO with a ham just across the channel as with one in Upper Volta. 73 Scotty 2E0OZI