Monday, May 06, 2013

A not inverted Vee

And I'm not talking about antennas .......

I'm talking about signal paths.

I managed two new accomplishments while waiting for the ARS Spartan Sprint tonight.  Tuning around on 17 Meters, I heard SU9AF in Egypt.  Not a new DXCC entity, as you might remember a blog post from back in early March where I worked SU9VB for my very first Egyptian QSO.  But this time I managed to work Andy SU9AF with just 5 Watts - so a new DXCC entity via QRP.

In the other direction of the Vee, I heard  Ed KH2L in Guam.  Guam would be a totally new one for me.  Ed was kind of loud and I thought I might have stood a chance with 5 Watts, so I tried - a lot!  The pile up was not big, but he wasn't hearing me, even when I was the only one calling. Then a W3 station started calling along with me and he was signing /QRP (that's something I never do).  He wasn't being heard, either.  It didn't look good for QRP signals from the 2nd and 3rd call districts. As Ed was starting to fade, I figured that it was going to be now or never for this chance to work Guam, so I bumped up the power to 85 Watts. Bingo - in the log - first call!

So one totally new DXCC entity and one new one via QRP.  I'll take it!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Hello Larry,

    Great catch for both of them but especially Egypt with QRP! I've seen the Guam station spotted but can barely tell he's in there. For some strange reason, I don't go west very well. Still do NOT have Alaska and Hawaii in the book. Hihi


  2. Larry, I agree with John, great catch!!!! My 703 is looking forward to summer outings. Once I drop my towers, it will be Buddipole and EndFedz only for me.