Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wrist Rocket Redeux

I needed to re-spool the fishing reel on my antenna launcher.

My first version used a plastic tent peg as a platform.  The sling shot was held in place by a bolt and nut going into the handle from the bottom.  This ultimately proved to be a weak point as the plastic handle of the sling shot broke over time from the stress at that point.

So when I bought new fishing line, I also bought another 8 inch corner brace.

I cut a 3 inch section off the "vertical" with a Dremel tool and a cutting wheel. I then attached the sling shot and the fishing reel to the corner brace using hose clamps.  I may take off the hose clamps from the sling shot handle and replace them with tie wraps - not sure.  When I grip the sling shot handle tight in my right hand, the clamps tend to bite into my palm a little bit.  To secure it well would require a bunch of tie wraps, but it would make it more comfortable to use.

I've been practicing in the park and I've been getting my 1 ounce fishing weight to get over branches 50 - 60 feet high with no problems.  I have discovered one thing, though.  My fishing weights (not the one in the photos) are painted bright yellow.  I think I am going to re-paint them with a very bright orange paint.  The yellow ones are a bit hard to notice when they fall onto the grass amid a bunch of dandelions!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hello Larry,

    A short strip of bright red surveyor tape works well and is easy to see as it flies through the air.

  2. Ah, great minds think alike:

    I found that the open-face reel offers much less resistance to the flight of the antenna launching weight than using an closed-face reel.

    This is really a great tool that every amateur should have in his toolbox.