Friday, May 31, 2013

Museum Ships Weekend

I am a big fan of the men and women who make up our Armed Forces.  They've gone above and beyond for our country so many times - from 1776 right up to the present day.  This weekend a really cool super special event is taking place to honor the men and women who have served in the respective navies of all of our countries and the ships that they have served on.

Thanks to the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station, this weekend has been organized and dedicated as Museum Ships Weekend.  106 restored military ships from around the world, which now serve as museums will be on the air this weekend.

USS New Jersey

For a detailed list of all the ships that will be participating, as well as a list of suggested operating frequencies - please click here.  If you work 15 different ships, you can submit your log and send away for a certificate.  I have a ton of stuff going on and this will be a super busy weekend for me, but I am going to set aside at least a little time for this.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

Addendum - I got on the air for a bit tonight and worked seven stations commemorating various ships, some of which are sunk and some of which are museums. Unfortunately, the minority were found to be operating CW, so I had to resort to picking up that little black thingy - I think it's called a microphone?  Anyway, the ships I worked tonight were:

VA2GNQ - HMCS Onondaga - Submarine
K8F - SS Edmond Fitzgerald - Freighter
DL0MCM - MV Dresden - Cargo Ship
WW2IND - USS Indianapolis - Cruiser
WW2MAN - U-5075 Seehund - Miniature 50 ft German WWII Submarine
K8B - SS Carl D Bradley - Limestone Carrier
K8M - SS Daneil J Morrell - Freighter

I also worked K1USN, but they're not on the list of participating ships.  So I am just under the halfway point towards earning a certificate.

The fellow behind the microphone at K8F was not named Gordon. I was disappointed.  ;-)


  1. Hello Larry,

    Being a Navy Vet myself, I'm looking forward to working some of these stations. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. While on a Navy Destroyer on a dark moonless night, in the Tonkin Gulf, I sent an unidentified ship "halt, identify yourself, or be fired upon". They replied "this is the USS New Jersey, fire at will"

    That's one Morse code message I'll never forget.

  3. W1PID6:50 AM

    Larry - I was also disappointed in the lack of CW activity. To be fair the bands weren't very good. I worked the following on CW:
    K1USN, KK5W, N5P, K8M, NI4BK. I heard W6RO, but she didn't hear me.
    73 Jim W1PID

  4. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Operated AC0TX to commemorate the US Navy involvement in June 6 Normandy invasion. Biggest dissapoitment was lack of remebrance why amateurs do this event by nearby city officials.
    Biggest thril - meeting WWII sailor who served on DE 129. It was a great honor to shake hands with him.
    Murphy stayed home and some pileups were fun, some required restrain "working" hams who do not follow instructions well.
    Thanks for participating.

  5. My brother served on the USS New Jersey. I had the honor of making a few calls from their radio shack when I toured the ship a few years ago. If only my brother could have been there with me as I wandered around. (I know he sure was with me in heart! God Rest his soul!)
    You have to give credit to all the people who manned these huge ships! And thanks!
    Phil B. AB3AW