Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nice night for DX

It was a nice night for DX.  I guess there are a lot of folks out there getting their stations ready for the CQ WPX contest this weekend.  They seem to be swinging their beams to and fro, checking out their Amps, and burning the dust off their finals.  Good times for a QRP DXer, good times!

I started off the evening with a brandy new one.  7X4AN, Mohammed in Algeria on 15 Meters  And with QRP, to boot!  So it was a deuce - new DXCC entity worked with QRP.  That was followed by another QSO on 15 Meters with KP2M down in the US Virgin Islands - and was he ever loud!  10 over 9 at least!

From there I went down to the 20 Meter QRP watering hole and called CQ. I was answered by Cliff W9ZI in Wisconsin.  Cliff and I chewed the fat for about 20 minutes until the band started changing and we cut things short before we both QSBed into oblivion.

That was followed by two quickie DX/Contest style QSOs, both on 20 Meters.  I am in the log of Zygi SP5ELA from Warsaw, Poland. Dziekuje, Zygi!  Then over to the Azores to get into CT8/OM7GJ's log.  He had to be 20 over 9 here in NJ.

Lastly, I went to 17 Meters and worked OM3SX. Mike in the Slovak Republic. Mike was about a 579 here and I received a 559 in return.

In addition to the WPX this weekend, don't forget that Saturday night, from 8:00 PM until Midnight - local time is QRP ARCI's annual Hoot Owl Sprint.  That's always a fun one.  There are bonus points given to anyone who operates portable.  I don't know if I am intrepid enough to venture out at 8:00 PM this Saturday evening.  I'll probably sit in the shack in order to just give out points, as usual.

Then come Monday evening, the MI QRP Club will be holding their annual Memorial Day Sprint from 2300 UTC to 0300 UTC..  That's always a fun event.  Two good QRP events to keep in mind this upcoming long holiday weekend.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. Great Contacts Larry!

    I've started to "spot" a few of the DX stations that I work on the major "DX Clusters" and I'm enjoying adding my "QRP-3W" in the remarks sections. Hopefully, when other see it, they will think of "turning the power down a bit" and "do more with less".

    I still keep the really "good ones" on QRP spots, just for us.